The Different Types Of Blinds

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Your windows can be enhances via different methods of treatments. One of the first things homeowners turn to are curtains, which do a great job at blocking out the sun. However, window blinds tend to suit modern homes better than curtains. With that said, here is information about the different types of blinds out there.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are excellent choices for tall windows and if you want to cover a sliding glass door. They hand down and they can be adjusted via a string or you can turn a switch. If you open the blinds, then they will hang perpendicular to the window and this will let light into your home.

When closed, light will be prevented from getting into the home. One of the best things about vertical blinds is they are available in various widths and styles. You can find them made with plastic, aluminum and more.

You can also get outdoor blinds that are Venetian style blinds especially designed for outdoor conditions.


These are horizontal slat blinds and they are suspended either by strips of cloth or by a chord. One of the best things about Venetian blinds is you can rotate them to almost 180 degrees. This allows you to let in light whenever you want.

When the slats are closed, nobody can see in. This is why many people have the blinds put in the bathroom or washing room. They come in various materials too, such as plastic, metal and wood to name a few. If you are looking for excellent window covering and something that is stylish, then look no further than Venetian blinds.


These are functional blinds and they are commonly used for home offices. These blinds are usually made with plastic material. They don’t allow any morning light to enter the room, and this is one of the reasons they are so popular.

Roller blinds have an elegant look to them and they are simple, but they are very versatile. They come in various designs and colors. If you want to give your room an elegant look and breathe some life into it, then choose a colorful roller blind to install in it.

Outdoor Blinds

Similar to roller blinds, outdoor blinds attach to your patio to increase the comfort of your outdoor living space all year round, blocking out sun in Summer and rain and Wind in Winter and Autumn.

There are also special zip-track blinds that have track guides which stabilise the blind, providing even more effective cover and protection from the wind in particular.

The material used in patio blinds is usually a special mesh that is durable and provides you with privacy from the outside, with the ability to still see outwards into your own garden.


Roman blinds are also elegant in appearance. They can be drawn via strings. The shade panel looks flat when the blinds covers the window and you can choose roman blinds that come in fabric such as woven fabric and bamboo. These are only a few examples.

Panel Blinds

These blinds are great for large doors and windows. They make for excellent decorative panels and room dividers. They have an appearance that is natural and simple, which is why they are ideal for rooms that have a minimalist design.

If you want an alternative to curtains, then consider window blinds. They are stylish and functional, but they are also easy to clean. Go ahead and start shopping around for blinds today and have a look at our custom blinds that we offer.