Forklift Driving Course: FL003656732

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This forklift class provides excellent instruction from the most basic to advanced topics. Neither prior experience or a 40 hour log book are required for admission. During the first two days. students receive instruction in both theory and practical training. Day Three is reserved for the assessment phase. Our students set the industry standard for passing rates, which is why the demand for our class is so high. To keep up, we hold classes two times each week.


What Is Included In The Best Value Forklift Course

  • Complete training in the theory behind how forklifts work.
  • Practical experience in forklift driving and maneuvering.
  • Hands-on forklift driving using log books.
  • Experience driving a wide range of forklift types.
  • Class size is 8 or fewer students.
  • All materials are provided to enrolled students.
  • Access to equipment and other resources for training.
  • Accurate assessment of theoretical knowledge.
  • Hands-on assessment of forklift skills.

A nationally recognized LF Forklift License will be issued when students complete the course successfully.

Classes are held twice a week: Monday through Wednesday and Wednesday through Friday.

Each course consists of two days of training with the third day set aside for assessment. Students will be assigned a number on the day that they sit the Practical Exam. Students with lower numbers will finish before students with higher numbers. Times and dates are available in the course outline below.

How To Book A Class

Use the Online Booking below to sign up for classes. Once the online booking has been completed, you will immediately receive a confirmation email containing all course materials.

Take Note: Because the forklift training classes are so popular, they do book quickly. To avoid disappointment, book your class today.

Forklift Class Outline

Classes begin on Mondays and Wednesdays and run for three consecutive days, i.e., M-W or W-F.

Day One: Classes run from 8 am through 4 pm. Classroom Theory and Knowledge is covered first, followed by Practical Log Book Driving.

Day Two: Classes run from 8 am through 4 pm. Students complete the Practical Log Book Driving portion of the course.

Day Three: The course meets at 7:30 am. Students take their Theory Assessment followed by their Practical Assessments.

The Course Prerequisites

All trainees must meet the following qualifications:

* Must be 18 years of age or older.

* Must be proficient in English.

* Must be able to take and finish a short answer written exam. (Some students may qualify for the oral option. However, arrangements for the oral exam must be made when booking the class.

* Must be able to pass an exam in basic maths.

* Must successfully pass the practical portion of the forklift driving examination.

* Must provide for the purposes of license processing a minimum of 100 points of ID.

* Must possess appropriate levels of numeracy, literacy, and language.

* Must understand the steps to take once the course has been successfully completed.

What Happens After Completing The Course?

Within 60 days of successful completion of the practical assessment, an application must be submitted in person to the Work Health & Safety at Australia Post. Prior to the submission of this application, no work may be performed in the relevant HRW class. Australia Post will give you a receipt and an AS1. These documents allow you to legally perform work until you receive your official HRW License in the post.